1st Asian-Pacific Summer School on Formal Methods

去年 Jean-Pierre Jouannaud 被邀請到北京清華,在學界引起一陣小騷動。看來北京清華果然很積極。今年在北京將舉辦第一屆的「亞太正規方法研習營」:

This summer school shall be the very first summer school of this kind to be held in China, in the Future Internet Technology Research Center (FIT) of Tsinghua University. The objective is to teach students the principles and pratice of programming with the proof assistant Coq, a free, open source software developed at INRIA, Université Paris-Sud and École Polytechnique in France.

研習營排出了法國 INRIA 來的整齊師資,確實是很值得去看看。國際化的走向也是很值得 FLOLAC 學習的。

今年我們由 XOO 去打頭陣。加油囉!要去當台灣之光唷!

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