Algol 60 五十週年紀念

1960 年一月 1 日至 16 日,歐洲與美國的計算科學家在巴黎開會制定了影響深遠的程式語言 Algol 60。本月 14 日,英國電腦學會(BCS) 高等編程組電腦保育學會將舉辦一日討論會:50 years of Advanced Programming – an Anniversary Seminar on Algol 60,紀念 ALGOL 60 報告 50 週年。議程如下:

  • Mike Woodger interviewed by Brian Wichmann
  • Brian Randell on “Early compilers”
  • Cliff Jones with a contribution from Tony Hoare
  • Richard Bornat on Peter Landin’s early work
  • Cliff Jones with a contribution from Luca Cardelli
  • David Holdsworth speaking on revivifying the KDF9 compiler
  • Peter Onion speaking on practical aspects of using the Elliott 803 compiler

會期主席為 John Florentin and David Hartley。靠近倫敦的朋友可以去看看!

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